Hand-Drawn Noodles, Anyone?

Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle House and Spice C


Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle House/ M. Ye

My friend says she goes to Chinatown whenever she needs a “taste of home.” Steaming hand-drawn noodles, stir-fried vegetables, roast pork buns, hot pot . . . Chinatown has it all. How glad I am that Philadelphia is a city with a Chinatown! Fresh noodles are not common in our everyday cuisine. They are difficult to acquire and even more difficult to make.

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Espresso on espresso/ H. Novak

I find that the best way to get off campus while still being productive is to go to a coffee shop, homework in tow. One of the most elegant destinations would probably be the French café Miel (French for honey). Fittingly, the café is a honey color, with bee door handles and honeycomb patterns throughout.

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Farmer’s Keep

Food by sunlight/ H. Novak

Food by sunlight/ H. Novak

Philadelphia—the city with an unlimited array of restaurants. . . . But where to start? Something quick? Something fancy? Something relaxing? Philadelphia has it all. It is best to explore and stumble upon a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant. You may be surprised. But, yes, Yelp and Trip Advisor are helpful.

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The Last Drop


Philadelphia aesthetic/ H. Novak

There are many ways to cross Philadelphia if you are heading from the Rittenhouse Square area to the Old City. Chestnut Street and Walnut Street are among the most common routes. They are always bustling with people and filled with activities. If you wanted something a little quieter—a stroll after lunch, perhaps—go for Pine Street.

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Mozart, Schubert, and Theofanidis

Thursday it rained all day and into the early evening. It was a soft rain but the sky was dark and the winds brutal. The result was several orphaned umbrellas lying in the streets. Fall had finally come.

On that same Thursday night, under the warm bright lights of the Kimmel Center, the Philadelphia Orchestra was joined by the Westminster Symphonic Choir to perform Mozart’s Mass in C-minor. Another triumph for the orchestra and for Yannick. I am beginning to wonder if Yannick will not glance at a music score this entire season.





September 29th, program/ H. Novak

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Restaurant Review: Wok Street

Chestnut Street is among the most bustling of Philadelphia’s thoroughfares. It stretches west to east across the entire city. Although there are a greater number of restaurants just off Chestnut (and between 18th and 15th), a few squeeze in on the street itself, between the ubiquitous H&M and Forever 21. A new one called Wok Street recently opened up. As a passionate lover of Asian food, I was eager to try this new fusion restaurant.


Wok Street minutes after opening / H. Novak

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