Restaurant Review: Wok Street

Chestnut Street is among the most bustling of Philadelphia’s thoroughfares. It stretches west to east across the entire city. Although there are a greater number of restaurants just off Chestnut (and between 18th and 15th), a few squeeze in on the street itself, between the ubiquitous H&M and Forever 21. A new one called Wok Street recently opened up. As a passionate lover of Asian food, I was eager to try this new fusion restaurant.


Wok Street minutes after opening / H. Novak

First noticeable is the interior design of Wok Street. It follows the ever-growing trend of clean, sleek, modern restaurants. This is not to suggest it is cold —on the contrary, the lights emit a warm glow onto the wooden counters and tabletops. The crumbling brick walls are left bare, which gives the place a funky, more comfortable vibe. Another clever touch is the presentation of the food. My “Wok Street Chicken” came out in a plain white bowl on a simple steel lunch tray, for the purpose of showcasing the beauty of the food. The dish itself was surprisingly vibrant—pink pickled onions, white pickled radishes, green cucumbers and edamame beans, and yellow corn gave a burst of color to lunch. The finishing touch was the red pepper flakes and toasted sesame seeds sprinkled with panache by the chipper server. The Matcha Green Tea was perfectly refreshing without being sugary. Although I was tempted to try their “Soon-to-be-famous Tofu Cheesecake,” I left it for another time.

Mouthwatering/ H. Novak

Mouthwatering/ H. Novak

The combination of flavors at Wok Street is excellent, though if you’re an Asian cuisine purist, I might not recommend it. Fusion food and a hip atmosphere are what you get. Wok Street is perfect for a low-key, quick but satisfying meal in the city.

Bon appétit!

Wok Street is at 1518 Chestnut Street, that restaurant across from Five Below on the same side of the street as Staples.