Snapshots of Classrooms at the Mawr


As Mawrtyrs, we love the gothic castle-like architecture of our campus dorms. We muse about the Great Hall that reminds us of Harry Potter, or of Rockefeller Arch and its little grey stone owls perched in the nook watching over the passerby with their eyes wide and their wings spread. Yet here I will draw your attention to some places we Mawrtyrs spend the most time in: our classrooms.

Each of us has our favorite classrooms maybe for the deep chestnut paneling or the great wide stained-glass windows in the back that let the light stream in. Or perhaps we love it because that was where we were inspired by a certain professor, or where we chose our major. Years from now, I know that as much as I will have nostalgia for the BMC dorms, I will yearn just as much for the classrooms. What follows are some of my favorite classrooms and the courses I took in them:

Critic Approaches to the World – Theory In Practice – Marie Sanquer

19th Century Art in France – Steven Levine

The Art of Exile: Emily Balch Seminar – Timothy Harte

Intro to Comparative Lit – Shiamin Kwa Roses

History of Modern France – Sara Elizabeth Black

Primo Levi, Holocaust & Aftermath – Nicholas Patruno

Topics in Chinese History: The History of the Silk Road – Fangyi Cheng

Le Chevalier, la dame, le prêtre – Grace Armstrong

Mawrtyrs, where are your favorite classrooms and what classes did you take there?