Senior Year Thesis Chronicles Pt. 1 

In the French department, a culmination of the senior experience is the thesis, a large, fifty-plus-page essay on a topic of your choosing. A thesis is not required in every department, and even within the French department the thesis is optional. I have noticed from observing seniors, and now as a senior myself, that those who have chosen to do the thesis will frequently be heard grumbling and moaning about their topic. Yet what I also observe is their dedication to their subject. The complaints are surface, for they mask a deep commitment and love for their thesis.

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Clubs and the Coming Semester

Mawrtyrs, how are you? It surprises me to think there are so few weeks before the semester is over. Between Thanksgiving and the end of the semester are a mere three weeks. With that in mind, I advise you to go now and talk to your professors and advisers about papers, and outlines, and projects, and exams, because the hectic whirlwind of work and student activities at Bryn Mawr will only gather momentum as the holidays approach . . .

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Croissants and Concerts

Hello Mawrtyrs!

What an eventful week it has been. For every dose of stress I have been drinking two doses of espresso. I recommend Delice et Chocolat—a recently opened French patisserie in Ardmore. On a peaceful morning over steaming lattes, bitter espressos, and croissants with a crust that dimpled and flaked when pressed, my friends and I discussed our French classes and the past whirlwind week. There is always something happening on campus.

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