Pumpkin Season and our Cake Creation

What better way to finish the week than make a pumpkin spice latte cake? Rachel found an ambitious recipe with a generous amount of pumpkin and an even more generous amount of butter, and it was decided. We would make the cake.

As we baked, Rachel and I periodically stopped to marvel at our creation. We patted the warm tops of the cake with affection. We licked the wooden spoons with gusto. How smooth the frosting was. How moist the cake was. How rich the espresso taste! And didn’t the cinnamon and cloves mingle so well with the pumpkin body?

Check out Rachel’s Banter Blog here!

A few days ago, I met two Mawrtyrs in Taft Garden, and we spoke about our favorite dishes to cook in the dining hall. This has inspired me to finally document some of the masterpiece meals that one can make and start a small photo series, which I will tentatively title Dining Hall Creations.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing some recipes you can make in the dining hall or the comfort of your dorm! After all, I think that with experimentation and enthusiasm, delicious inventions are in store! Do you have any recipes you’d like to share? Comment below, and I will feature you!


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