Espresso on espresso/ H. Novak

I find that the best way to get off campus while still being productive is to go to a coffee shop, homework in tow. One of the most elegant destinations would probably be the French café Miel (French for honey). Fittingly, the café is a honey color, with bee door handles and honeycomb patterns throughout.


The rainbow in macarons/ H. Novak

There is a large gleaming case with pastel-color macarons and little lemon and fruit tarts piled atop each other. The pastries have thin curls of chocolate and are filled with raspberry cream or strawberry jam.


Strawberry mascarpone rum-soaked cream cake/ H. Novak

The lattes have a deep roasted-coffee taste—a good pick-me-up for an afternoon of homework. Order a fresh baguette with French meats and cheeses to make it a full meal. Miel is a place to take your parents, friends, SOs, etc. Enjoy!

N.b. This is a cozy-size café, so there are not that many seats. If you arrive at a busy hour, expect to wait a little while before making a beeline for that seat.

Miel is across the street from Peet’s Coffee, another tasty option, with Peet’s being the more casual of the two. However, if you are looking for seasonal flavors—pumpkin spiced lattes, peppermint chai tea—go to Peet’s. (Perhaps most important, there is wifi at both.)


For the sweet tooth/ H. Novak

Miel is extremely accessible, on a little side street off a very busy section of Walnut Street.


Honeycomb patterns/ H. Novak

Miel is open until 7 pm all days except for Sunday, when it closes at 6.

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204 S. 17th St. Philadelphia