Hell Week at the Mawr

Hell Week* at the Mawr

And Hell Week begins…/ H. Novak

Last week, Bryn Mawrtyrs celebrated the school’s (arguably) most precious tradition. That Tuesday, one of my friends from Swarthmore asked me what exactly was Hell Week. I’m not sure my answer was adequate, because explaining Hell Week is difficult. It is so many wonderful things all bundled together—laughing with friends, dancing in front of professors, running across campus late at night on scavenger hunts, waking up early for the duck pond run, listening to bedtime stories read by the seniors . . . and the list goes on.

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The Harriton Farmstead Fair


Setting up Camp/ H. Novak

Yesterday was the 26th Annual Harriton Farmstead Fair. I went with two of my roommates as both a study break and weekend excursion. The fair was on the grounds of the Harriton House, on a small incline about half a mile away from the college. The house was built in 1704 by Rowland Ellis, a Welsh Quaker who called his estate Bryn Mawr or “high hill” in Welsh, and so the town got its name. The estate of Bryn Mawr was later home to Charles Thomson, secretary of the Continental Congresses.

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