Springtime at Bryn Mawr and snapshots of our campus in all its glory

Bryn Mawr holds at least two Accepted Students Days in April. Congratulations to Mawrtyrs Class of 2021! We are so happy and cannot wait to welcome you! I still remember my excitement, receiving my acceptance package complete with an owl mask. It is hard to believe I will finish my sophomore year in two weeks. One of my friends from high school was accepted at Bryn Mawr. Another was accepted at UPenn. They were eager to see the campus. At the time, the trees had just started to bloom, and there were little patches of white crocuses popping up on the lawn.

Now, a couple of weeks later, the trees are covered in shades of pink, and the morning air smells sweet. Bryn Mawr is at its most beautiful in the springtime. The daylight has been lingering until eight, and these past few days have produced spectacular sunsets. The best place for sunset viewing is on Merion Green. Bring your towel and a book and lie on the grass under a pastel-colored sky.


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