Crispy Roast Duck

Ting Wong

Ting Wong/ H. Novak

If you stand beneath Chinatown’s main gate, Ting Wong’s bright red sign on the left side of the street is hard to miss. So are the roast ducks hanging in the window. One of the better-known establishments in Chinatown, Ting Wong is famous for its roasted meats at reasonable prices.

Freshly Cooked/ H. Novak

Nearly all items on the menu are below $10, and, as I soon found out, there is a large lunch crowd. I arrived around noon, and the restaurant was full. To accommodate as many people as possible, they try to fill every empty seat at each table. If you come alone, expect to sit with strangers.

Soup with sweet roast pork and duck/ H. Novak

The speed of service is impressive. It could not have been more than 10 minutes from the time I sat down to the time a steaming bowl of broth overflowing with noodles, crispy roast duck, and sweet roast pork was set in front of me. Although Ting Wong is probably not the place for a relaxed sit-down meal, the atmosphere is bustling and cheery. You’ll hear people laughing while slurping their soup, punctuated by the constant thwack of the cleaver chopping roasted meats. Good food makes for happy people, and Ting Wong has both.

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*It is probably best to bring cash. Ting Wong will only take credit cards if your tab is over $10, while most meals are $7.