A Bryn Mawr Welcome: Parade Night 2017

A Bryn Mawr Welcome: Parade Night 2017


How good it is to be back at the Mawr! On Friday, Bryn Mawr College celebrated its first tradition of the year; Parade Night. Bryn Mawr has a plethora of traditions yet each one is unique. This wonderful week— full of hugging friends we had not seen all summer, exploring our dorms, choosing our classes, culminated with Parade Night; a grand welcome to the new class of 2021.

All returning students lined each side of the pathway from Pembroke Arch to Taylor Hall scattering confetti, chocolates, and rose petals on the first-years . As I listened to the cheers of exuberance and celebration, I remembered my first Parade Night, the seniors, juniors, and sophomores surrounded me and cheered and I knew then, I was in the right place.

Now as a junior I welcomed the first-years; their excited expressions realizing that they too were now a part of Bryn Mawr. As it grew darker we moved towards the senior steps to sing. (The steps themselves are reserved for seniors but we clustered around them.) The first “step sing” of the year closed the night, as each class sang their class song and then joined in unison to sing from our college song books.

One of the reasons I chose Bryn Mawr was its sense of community. I love that seniors are friends with freshmen, that those who we do not know one day may become our close friends the next, and that we treasure our traditions.

Check out some of our traditions below!



2 thoughts on “A Bryn Mawr Welcome: Parade Night 2017

  1. Merci, Hallie, d’avoir si bien capturé l’essentiel de Parade Night, pour toi et les autres!
    (Thank you, Hallie, for having captured so well what Parade Night means for you and others!)

    • Merci, Professeur Armstrong! De partager nos traditions— cela me fait très plaisir!
      (Thank you, Professor Armstrong! To share our traditions gives me pleasure!)

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