Holland: Flowering the World

The Annual Philadelphia Flower Show

Entrance/ A. Cheng

Bryn Mawr offers a wide variety of student activities. There is something for everyone, such as bus trips to the Philadelphia Orchestra, the KOP mall, Broadway shows, and last Saturday, the annual Philadelphia Flower Show.

Indoor Meadow/ H. Novak

Each year for a couple of weeks, the Philadelphia Convention Center is filled with fresh flowers. Bryn Mawr generously provided students with free tickets and transportation. The timing of the flower show was perfect, as the weather outside that day alternated between freezing rain and fierce wind.

Windmills/ H. Novak

My lovely roommate Arya went with me. This year’s theme was “Holland: Flowering the World.” We had expected to see tulips and weren’t disappointed, but we were astonished by the sheer size and grandeur of the show. The entrance opened into a bridge covered with vibrant flowers and surrounded by floral pink-and-yellow windmills. There were grassy plots filled with tulips, shrubs, small trees, and other flowers in every color imaginable.

Wicker Garden Seats/ H. Novak

Tulips/ A. Cheng




Particularly imaginative was the incorporation of water into nearly every exhibit. There were fountains and dainty waterfalls, and pools of still water reflected the pastel-colored flowers. “Holland: Flowering the World” cheered us with bursts of color as magical as any Disney animation.

Lights and Flowers/ A. Cheng

Flower Sculptures/ H. Novak