Lil’ Pop Shop 

Artisanal Popsicles and Italian Coffee


La Marzocco/ H. Novak

Walk and walk and eventually you will stumble upon a gem. A case in point is the delightful residential neighborhood just below Rittenhouse Square. The apartments are made of bricks, some painted white and black, and the doors feature every color imaginable—scarlet, aquamarine, sky blue, navy blue, and sage in a single street! (The window shutters match.)


Room 2/ H. Novak

I was strolling near the southwest side of the square and stumbled upon Lil’ Pop Shop. Rittenhouse Square is a good place to stroll. Perks include Sunday markets in the park, the sun-speckled streets, and the ubiquitous promotions. On this particular walk I discovered that Chips Ahoy was marketing its new flavor—Cinnamon Sugar Thins. A large truck was parked near the square, filled to the brim with boxes of free Chips Ahoy cookies. Ideal for late-night essay writing.


Yes! There is Wifi./ H. Novak

Cute is the most fitting word to describe the Lil’ Pop Shop. The row of white chairs and tables beneath a buttercup-yellow-and-white striped awning was what caught my eye. The café has three different rooms. The first room holds the shiny lemon-colored espresso machine that sits on a shelf beside the glass case of homemade popsicles. (I did not try a popsicle. The weather was too cold. However, with flavors like“Jasmine Tea with Blueberry” and “Goat Cheese with Port Soaked Figs”I was beginning to regret my decision.)


Right before the crowd came…/ H. Novak

The menu includes espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, etc. They also have a small but elegant-looking assortment of pastries. The second and third rooms have chairs with issues of Lucky Peach magazine open on the tables. The Lucky Peach aesthetic is perfectly manifested in the Lil’ Pop Shop, with its adorable wall design—painted grapefruit slices against a white-with-black–polka-dot background.


Latte/ H. Novak

Scrawled on a chalkboard outside the door is an announcement for the “Lil’ Pop(UP) Shop Holiday Celebration,” Saturday, December 10, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you’re in Philly then, stop by!

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 7.35.12 PM

The corner of Locust Street and 20th Street/ Google Images


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