More About Me


Image/ G. Novak

I’m Hallie and as a Banter Blogger, I’m excited to share my sophomore Bryn Mawr experience with prospective and current students alike! I’m from the Berkshires, Massachusetts, a region known for its natural and cultural resources but without magnificent cities like Philadelphia. I get a thrill from picking up my camera and exploring a place, even getting lost. I love languages, and although I haven’t yet declared, I’m interested in majoring in French. I also like traveling, cats, opera, cooking and good coffee.  A Denbigh resident this year, I live in a cozy quiet single with a delightful hall group of three close friends. I’m grateful to my teachers and fellow students for giving me new perspectives and inspiration. From BMC club meetings to Philadelphia restaurants to campus traditions and events, join me for a slice of my life at Bryn Mawr.

Hometown: Richmond, MA

Major: Undeclared

Instagram: @hallieyn