Mozart, Schubert, and Theofanidis

Thursday it rained all day and into the early evening. It was a soft rain but the sky was dark and the winds brutal. The result was several orphaned umbrellas lying in the streets. Fall had finally come.

On that same Thursday night, under the warm bright lights of the Kimmel Center, the Philadelphia Orchestra was joined by the Westminster Symphonic Choir to perform Mozart’s Mass in C-minor. Another triumph for the orchestra and for Yannick. I am beginning to wonder if Yannick will not glance at a music score this entire season.





September 29th, program/ H. Novak


The Imagine Piano/ H. Novak

The Imagine Piano/ H. Novak

The program was a mixture of eras and styles. The first piece of the night, Rainbow Body, was composed in 2000 by Christopher Theofanidis. It was an ambitious piece with drums, cymbals, and a triangle. This piece received a standing ovation from the audience, and Theofanidis, after being urged onstage by Yannick, blushed with pride.

The Mass/ Rider University Photograph

The Mass/ Rider University Photograph

The Mass was the most spectacular piece of the night, as a reverent combination of orchestra, chorus, and soloists echoed through the grand hall. Mozart has the power to unite all ages and backgrounds in joyful appreciation of music. On the walk back the vivid lights of Broad Street reflected onto the pavement, shiny after the rain. The winds had subsided and the sky had cleared.



Update: The musicians of the Philadelphia Orchestra have gone on strike. This took place on Friday evening prior to the Opening of the Season Gala.

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